Twilight Tracer / Twilight Supernova

We are excited to now offer Twilight Tracer light up golf balls on the Reboot Sports website.

Like our Magma line of light up sporting goods, the Twilight Tracer exceeds expectations.

It plays like any other ball in your bag. This allows you to extend your play well past sundown.

They are very high quality, making them a perfect addition to the Reboot Sports line up.

Twilight Tracer Supernova recognizes the Magma Light up Football!

I recently started seeing traffic on the Reboot Sports website from a site called

It seems someone has voted / promoted the Magma Light up Football there!

Check them out. It is a very cool site, made even cooler since they gave us props!!

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Light up Baseball

Our Magma Light up Baseball set, (bat and ball) have exceeded our expectations. They have turned out fantastically!

Take a look at our first promo video.  I think it demonstrates quit well how one Magma Bat and Ball set can entertain a crowd of kids.


Dude I want that


The very cool website has done a very nice write up of our Magma Light up Bat and Ball and the Magma Light up Football.

Unlike other gadget sites, that are simply copy paste from sources like Hammacher or SkyMall, Dude I Want That takes the time to thoughtfully explain the product or item.  It is clear their writers actually take the time to do some research.

Here is a link to the actual article –

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Dude I Want That






Light up Scoop Ball Set


Reboot Sports Light up Scoop Ball Set


Reboot Sports has taken our rugged, LED powered, light up sports ball and added it to the classic beach and lawn game, Scoop Ball.

The scoops are light weight and flexible, making them a safe and fun throwing and catching device.



The balls are impact activated.  They stay lit for 2 minutes, then shut themselves off until struck again.

The Magma Light up Scoop Ball Set is also 100% water proof, making it ideal for the beach or pool!


Reboot Sports Magma Light up Scoop Ball set


Light up Sports Balls

Here is a video of our Magma Sports Balls.  They are the key elements in our Bat and Ball set, as well as the Scoop Ball Set.

We also offer them in a two ball pack, allowing you to invent all kinds of different night games.

Night Games

Reboot Sports is the king of night games!

Night Games – Reboot Sports


Why pack it in when the sun goes down?  With the Reboot Sports Magma line of light up sporting goods, the fun continues.

Very important note, the Magma line is not “glow in the dark”.  Glow in the dark products simply do not work as advertised.

Our products are powered by super bright, rugged, LED lights.

In a dark room, you can read by the light of any of our products!!!!



LED v.s. Glow in the dark

Our line of Magma LED light Up sporting goods are extremely bright, and we achieve this without compromising the high quality, grippy feel of our PVC rubber.

This means our Magma football will have the same feel and performance of the most expensive youth footballs.

We do not use vinyl covers that chip and peel.

Below is a photo of our Magma ball (orange) and the best glow in the dark ball we could find.

The colors of the glow in the dark ball are very cool.  Unfortunately, with all of the seams and alternating material, it will not survive more than a handful of street skips.

Most importantly, glow in the dark products are never “bright” and they fade almost immediately, requiring recharging under a light.

The ad campaigns for the glow in the dark products use black lights in their videos, giving the consumer the impression the balls are very bright.

Below is a video of a fully charged glow in the dark ball, and our Magma light up Football.