Magma Light Up Baseball

The Reboot Sports Bat and Ball do not “glow in the dark.”

Things that glow in the dark look great in a dark room for a short period of time. They do not look great at dusk, under a full moon, or after 10 minutes of play time.

Our bats and balls are powered by powerful lithium batteries and rugged LED lights.

The bat and balls are activated through impact, they shut themselves off automatically when not in use.
The balls have a life span of 40 hours of 3 minute light cycles.
The bat has a light cycle of 30 seconds, and a life span of 20 hours.
Both the ball and bat are clearly visible on a moon lit night at 100 yards.

The Magma Bat and Ball set includes:

1 Magma light up Bat
1 Magma light up Sports Ball

Reboot Sports is pleased to introduce our patent pending Light Up Baseball.

  • The ball and bat are activated by impact, they shut themselves off when no longer in use.
  • The ball and bat are powered by powerful lithium batteries, allowing for 60+ hours of continuous use.



Magma Light up Baseball

Magma Light up Baseball

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