Re-post from Sweet Relish

Re-posted from Sweet Relish 

The 5 Most Memorable Winter Olympic Moments

Ohno, it’s time for the Winter Olympics. Not “Oh, no”– Ohno, as in Apolo Ohno. In my mind, he was the poster boy for Team USA. Who can forget the 1000m race in Salt Lake at the 2002 games where he and almost every skater collided just before the finish line? The last man standing (ahem, skating), Australian Steven Bradbury, won the gold, but Apolo wowed the crowd with his determination to get silver by flinging his leg over the finish line before the remaining skaters.

Also in 2002, Sarah Hughes stole every American heart when she came from behind in 4th place in the women’s ice skating short program to 1st place in the long program, securing the gold ahead of the great (and expected gold medalist) Michelle Kwan.

Other memorable moments? In 2010 at the games in Vancouver, Shaun White took home his second gold medal after completing the most difficult trick in snowboarding history- the Double McTwist 1260. His most amazing accomplishment to me, though, is that crazy red hair. He’s shorn this time around, but apparently having a having a hard time losing that “Flying Tomato” nickname.

Way back in the day in 1994, only 7 weeks after ice skater Nancy Kerrigan’s attack by Tonya Harding’s husband, she proved to be strong as silver, which she won at the Lillehammer games.

And finally, if you can remember back that far, the men’s hockey team defied the odds on their journey to win Olympic gold in 1980. America’s team was composed mostly of college players and amateurs. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, was a powerhouse; winning the previous four hockey gold medals in the Olympic games since 1964. In a stunning defeat, Team USA beat the Soviet Union 4-3 in what many coined the “miracle on ice.” They went on to defeat Finland in the final game to secure the gold.

Are these memorable moments getting you ready for the February TV feast that is the Winter Olympics? If you need a little more inspiration, check out these products to help you get into the Olympic spirit.

1. It’s always much more fun to stare at a big black (flat) box with other people around. Throw a party of Olympic-sized proportions. And since it’s cold outside, make sure you offer your guests a big pot of chili that you made with chili powder and cumin from Gneiss Spice. These spice jars have magnetic lids that stick to the fridge, freeing up much- needed cabinet space. The jars are hexagons so they fit together like puzzle pieces. For extra fun, arrange them into the Olympic 5-ring logo!

2. I’m pretty sure it’s not mandatory to wear a bow tie while you watch the men’s curling final, but hey, why not? Keep it classy. Bunker Hill has a striped seersucker bow tie that’s the beloved colors of our country- red, white, and blue. Just checkin.’

3. What to do during that often…um, interesting, opening ceremony? You know you can’t wait until it’s over. Go outside instead and burn off some energy with Reboot Sports’ magma light up football. The ball lights up on impact via battery-powered LED lights, which makes that end zone victory dance with your friends that much more pompous.

4. Making yummies while you view? Architec’s 5-minute stackable appetizer maker is the best way to create great looking apps that taste delicious. Perfect for viewing parties when you need to look like you spent more time cooking then watching bobsledding (it’s ok, we won’t tell).

5. Finally, what Olympics-watching event would be complete without a drink to relieve stress during the luge competition? Whether you prefer whiskey or wine, SPARQ Home’s soapstone whiskey rocks will cool down your beverage without the diluting effect of melted ice. Pop them in the freezer, then pop them in your drink and enjoy undiluted bliss.

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