Trouble Shooting your Magma Light up Football

Trouble Shooting –

First thing is first – Impact activates the ball. Give it a good slap. If nothing, hit it harder. If still nothing –

If your Magma Light up Football is not staying lit for 30 seconds / dim / blinking or shutting off on impact / or not functioning at all –

99% chance the batteries are not making a clean connection.

Remove electronic from ball.

Remove plastic sleeve from electronic.

Remove batteries. (Note their polarity. Negative side points towards LED)

You will see a metal tab that creates the Positive contact point.

That tab needs to be bent outwards, to create a tighter battery connection. A small flat head or a eyeglass screw driver works well for this.

If that does not solve your issues, no problem. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will get you a replacement part!