LED v.s. Glow in the dark

Our line of Magma LED light Up sporting goods are extremely bright, and we achieve this without compromising the high quality, grippy feel of our PVC rubber.

This means our Magma football will have the same feel and performance of the most expensive youth footballs.

We do not use vinyl covers that chip and peel.

Below is a photo of our Magma ball (orange) and the best glow in the dark ball we could find.

The colors of the glow in the dark ball are very cool.  Unfortunately, with all of the seams and alternating material, it will not survive more than a handful of street skips.

Most importantly, glow in the dark products are never “bright” and they fade almost immediately, requiring recharging under a light.

The ad campaigns for the glow in the dark products use black lights in their videos, giving the consumer the impression the balls are very bright.

Below is a video of a fully charged glow in the dark ball, and our Magma light up Football.